Pregnancy Weeks 5-8

During the second month of pregnancy (from the fifth to the eighth week of pregnancy) most women say that they definitely feel “pregnant.” Even those who had mild pregnancy symptoms in the first month now feel, at least a little bit, nauseous and tired.
From now on, your body will remind you daily of the miracle that is taking place inside of you. During this month, you will be feeling increases in levels of hormones, which are necessary for the growth of your uterus and the development of your child. This can cause emotional and physical changes that are not easily controllable consciously.
Although these feelings can be uncomfortable, you should think of them with joy. After all, you are taking part in the growth of a miracle. Remind yourself that your feelings are unique: millions of women before you have experienced pregnancy, but only you are carrying the specific child which is within you. When you think that in just nine months you be giving birth to a new life, you will feel the discomfort fade into the background.

Pregnancy Week 5

By the end of the fifth week, your child will have grown to the size of a green pea, reaching 0.4 inches (1 centimeter) in length.

Firstly, dots appear, which will later turn into eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Like the tiny kidneys, arms and legs begin to separate from the body, and fingers appear on flipper-like hands. The intestines are already quite developed, and the heart, pumping the blood, is divided into right and left halves. Additionally, airways, that is, the bronchi, are formed.

Just think what a miracle happens in your body. Every minute, a million new cells are added to your baby’s growing body.

Pregnancy Week 6

During the sixth week of pregnancy the length of your child has reached half an inch (1.27 cm). Special ultrasound examination allows you to calculate the heartbeat of the fetus – which ranges from 140 to 150 beats per minute. Interestingly, this is two times faster than the heart rater of the mother.

Additionally, the arms have begun to portrude, the elbow joints appears, and the fingers become visible. The foot is separated from the rudiment of the foot, and the toes are designated. Likewise, the head bent forward looks disproportionately large compared to the rest of the body. The eyelids begin to form, and the tiny eyes already have a lens, a pupil, a cornea, and a pigmented iris. In a similar fashion, the tip of the nose also becomes visible.

Pregnancy Week 7

In the seventh week of pregnancy the child reaches an inch (2.54 cm) in length and is about the size of a small olive tree.

The elbow, wrist, and knee joint are visible; the toes have formed, and the fingers are longer. The eyelids almost cover the eyes, and the auricles begin to appear.

The head gradually straightens. The nerve cells in the brain branch out and come into contact with each other, forming rudimentary pathways. Through the transparent skull you can see lobes of the cerebellum.

According to scientists, the fetus is developing a hundred thousand new nerve cells every minute.

Pregnancy Week 8

The length of the child is already one and a half inches (3.81 cm) (like a large olive), and the weight approaches half a pound (0.23 kg).

Meanwhile, your child’s bowed head and twisted body continue to straighten even more. All the organs of the child have already formed. The heart is now divided into four chambers. The palms and feet, along with fingers and toes have fully formed.

Likewise, the main joints, thus, the shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees and ankles, have also become visible. The mouth, nose and nostrils are more distinct, and all the structures of the eyes have formed.

In addition, external genitals begin to appear, but it is still impossible to determine whether it is a boy or a girl. Your growing child, who scientifically used to be called an “embryo”, now receives the name “fetus” (translated from Latin as “young”), and looks like a tiny human being.

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