What We Got Last Weekend for Our Baby

So, what happened last week, was that we realized we needed some things for our baby.

We still had some clothes and toys from our baby shower. However, as our baby was growing and winter was approaching us fast, we needed to upsize.

As it was quite cold outside, I let my husband pick out the items at the market. I just made a shopping list.

Here are four things we got, and some of my thoughts on them.

Winter Mittens with a String

One of the main things we needed for our four-month-old, were some gloves or mittens.

I used to take my baby outside quite often for some fresh air. During those times I would just put some indoor baby mittens (for non-scratching). As it got colder, I would layer two on top of each other. We were in desperate need of some proper outdoor gloves.

Sure enough, my husband got these warm mittens. Only later did I realize they had a string attached to them. I remember my mother used to sew these on herself for us. Having this for my baby’s mitten would mean less work for me, yay!

I don’t take my baby out as much now, as it’s quite a lot colder than it was earlier in the month. But this was still a lifesaver. And I love the colours.

Polar Bear Baby Socks

Another clothing item we got were these baby socks with cute polar bear printings.

I’m using it now on my son, as his little feet have outgrown his smaller sized socks.

These polar bear socks seem thicker than our smaller ones. It says on the tag that these are 85% bamboo. I must say, they are quite fluffy and soft to the touch.

Flower Rattles

These rattles were one of the first things I jotted down on my husband’s shopping list.

I wanted something for my baby to make sounds and entertain himself with, so he didn’t need to be picked up all the time or feel lonely.

To tell you the truth, I had imagined the handle would be more sturdy and stick-like, rather than round and hollow at the bottom. This made it more difficult for my only-just-learning-to-grasp baby to hold onto his new rattles, as the heavy ball kept bending over.

However, I realized later that the end was probably specifically made round like this so that babies won’t be able to stick the end in their mouths.

I noticed, also, that he got progressively better at holding the rattle up by himself. So, I guess I’m relieved that he now has something he can play with.

String Toy

Our last item is a string toy with balls on them.

During our sessions outside with our baby, I noticed that my son seemed to stare at trees, and their swaying branches and trees (let me know if your baby does the same!).

However, as Autumn, and now Winter is slowly rolling around, the trees have started to lose their fluttering leaves.

This left my baby with not much else to look at when he’s in his carriage, making him a bit fussier.

So, although we don’t go outside as often now, I still see him engaged with it indoors. Well, at least, he looks at it once in a while.


Overall, I would say the few items we got last week have been useful for our four-month-old. Some have become more useful over time as our baby is slowly learning his reflexes and engaging with the world.

Let us know in the comments below what you found useful or not so useful for your baby, and what you found interesting on our list.



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